Security Guard Pulls Gun On Uniformed Deputy Sheriff Due To ‘Gun Free Zone’

IRS Security guard draws down on uniformed, on duty Deputy Sheriff.

Toledo, Ohio – Lucas County Sheriff’s Deputy Alan Gaston walked into the Lucas County IRS office on May 31 to ask a question, and got a lot more than he bargained for.

Next, security guard Seth Eklund decided it would be a good idea to enforce the ‘gun free zone’ of the IRS office on a uniformed, on duty Deputy Sheriff. Eklund pulled his gun on the Deputy, ordered him to disarm, and even attempted to detain him at the scene. 911 was called and told an armed man was refusing to leave the office, but for some reason never mentioned the subject was an on duty law enforcement officer.

Deputy Gaston decided to deescalate the situation and walk away. He returned with the deputies responding to the man with a gun call. Eklund was subsequently arrested for aggravated menacing and is facing court next week.

How are these gun free zones working for us so far?

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