Off Duty LAPD Officer Shot & Killed After Confronting Gangster


Early Saturday morning an off duty LAPD officer, Juan Jose Diaz, was shot to death at a Los Angeles taco stand while with his girlfriend.

About 1am Saturday Diaz, a two year LAPD veteran, was in the area of Avenue 26 and Humboldt St. at a taco stand. Diaz observed a man committing vandalism nearby and confronted him. The yet unidentified suspect left the scene shortly after. The LAPD has not yet released if Diaz identified himself as a police officer.

Shortly later the suspect and a group of unidentified males came back to the location and the suspect displayed a handgun. Officer Diaz and his girlfriend attempted to leave the location but the suspect opened fire. Diaz was fatally shot and a second victim was shot who is expected to survive.

The suspects fled the scene and escaped before units could arrive. Early information coming out is that the shooter identified himself as an ‘Avenues” gang member.

Thoughts and prayers go out to Officer Diaz ,his family, the department, and the City of Los Angeles.

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