NYPD Water Dousing & Response

It’s getting worse every day.

I have a lot of thoughts on this one, but lets start with the lack of leadership in this Department and CITY HALL that has allowed this type of situation to even occur. Police Officers in NYC feel as though their Mayor and Department will not back them. When cops feel like that, the public suffers the rising crime rate that is sure to follow.

My second thought… Which won’t be as popular as the first. I would have rather lost my job than disgrace my badge. I’ll leave it at that.

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1 thought on “NYPD Water Dousing & Response

  1. Just take a good look at the turds that are tossing the water, this shows what the level of disrespect that is shown to our police. Now we get a lot of blah blah from City Hall about how our police should be shown respect, what has the Mayor done to enforce that. Too bad the police officers cant go on strike.

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