Nike Can Keep Colin

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Colin Kaepernick declared that the new Nike Air Max 1 USA with the Betsy Ross flag was offensive.

Nike made the decision to pull the new Air Max 1 USA model with a Betsy Ross era flag design after former NFL quarterback turned social justice warrior Colin Kaepernick complained it was “offensive”.

The shoes were to be released during the 4th Of July week. This would make a lot of sense as the country is celebrating it’s independence at the same time. A company that cared about people who are patriotic would have known this. Nike almost was one.

It is clear in the era of the social justice warriors, antifa, the socialist arm of the left, and fake news media outlets that even our nations basic history is under attack. What’s next, changing the flag because it is offensive? That may sound funny but the more we tear down statues, erase history, and bow down to the social justice warriors we are one step closer to this every day. Remember when the Taliban first took over Afghanistan and started blowing up religious statues they didn’t agree with? Yep, I do to.

Nike, how about you stop listening to an overhyped B+ QB at best and start paying attention to the silent majority that loves their country and celebrates their freedom.

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