Major Lack Of Leadership In Louisville Police Department

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Since July, 15 percent of the Louisville Police Department officers have left… here’s part of the reason why:

Louisville Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad is “Mr. Controversy” including: a sex abuse scandal, a rise in homicides, AND TWO NO CONFIDENCE VOTES!

His latest screw up shows his absolute lack of leadership. During a city council meeting, here’s what happened:

“Do you consider any level of morale of the officers your responsibility?” Council President David James asked.

“I think the morale of our officers is up to the individual,” Conrad said. “It is how you come to work and what you expect to do and how you’re going to do it. My morale every day is my responsibility. It is the same for each and every one of us.”

“As the leader of the department, you’re saying you have no responsibility for the morale of the officers that work for you?” James pressed.

“I’m saying that morale is set by each person individually. Our sergeants have more impact on the morale of our patrol officers because they’re the ones that say yes or no when people want to take a vacation day,” Conrad said. “They’re the ones that are assigning people to details. They’re the ones assigning different cars to the officers that don’t have cars assigned yet.”

Congrats Chief, you are in the running for the worst leader in police in America.

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