LAPD Chief and LA Mayor Double Down On Anti-ICE Policy

Thin Blue Line Show
Is it me or does the Chief look like a prisoner of war here?

The fight against common sense continues. Check out the video from the LAPD Chief Michel Moore and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti instructing illegal aliens how to resist ICE.

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1 thought on “LAPD Chief and LA Mayor Double Down On Anti-ICE Policy

  1. Over the course of 33 years, I had occasion to deal with all races and nationalities. One of the things I noticed was that non-Hispanics never got upset if I couldn’t speak their language. In fact they expected it and would try to do the best they could or they would have an interpreter.
    Conversely a good number of Hispanics became indignant when I told them I didn’t speak spanish. I’m German for Pete’s sake. And they wouldn’t even make an attempt. Now, for those that did try I carried a Spanish to English dictionary. My job was to help people but a lot of them didn’t make it easy.

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