Body Cam: Suspect Attempts To Steal Police Car And Gets Shot


Santa Rosa, City in California — The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office released 911 calls and body camera of one of their officer involved shooting on August 1, 2019. A Community Briefing of this Critical Incident also describe some of the information available in this case.

A man was shot by a Sonoma County Sheriff’s Deputy after he attempted to stab a mall security officer and brandished a knife on the deputy. The call came in from the security department at the Santa Rosa Plaza at about 5:38 PM. Security officers told the Santa Rosa Police Department that a man, 42-year-old suspect, Brad Baymon of Minnesota, stole items from a store and when a security officer attempted to stop him, Baymon pulled a knife and attempted to stab his face. Baymon fled the mall north on Morgan Street.

A nearby Sheriff’s deputy received the “be on the lookout” announcement and contacted a Baymon who matched the description of the suspect on 9th St at Morgan St near the mall. The deputy stopped his patrol car and Baymon walked by the deputy, refusing commands to stop. The deputy gave warnings and deployed his Taser which had no effect on Baymon. As the deputy tried to get in front of Baymon to stop him from walking away,Baymon retreated backwards and ran to the deputy’s patrol car and entered the driver’s seat.

An altercation ensued as the Baymon pulled the door shut while brandishing a knife towards the deputy as the deputy tried to open the door. The deputy shot his service weapon towards Baymon which struck him at least three times. Baymon was treated for his injuries at the scene. He was transported to a local hospital by ambulance and remains there with significant but what is reported to be non-life threatening injuries.

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